Decorating Your Home for a Romantic Evening

A romantic evening can be set almost anywhere: a nice restaurant, a movie theater, a beach... even in the comfort of your own home!

Setting up a romantic evening at home can be economical as well as enjoyable. All you need is the right attitude and the right decor to set the mood.


A change in lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a romantic ambience. Dimming the lights in each room can create a quiet, more intimate mood. You can also light candles (and scented candles provide both mood lighting and a compelling aroma). And if your home has a fireplace, definitely use it. There's nothing curling up with your loved one in front of a cozy fire.


Although most of these tips are visual, don't neglect your sense of smell either. Spray some perfume or cologne into each room (eucalyptus oil also works as a deodorant and a calming spray). Light scented candles. Bake a delicious meal or dessert to get the aroma flowing.


Nothing will put you out of a romantic mood faster than an unwashed countertop or dirty laundry lying around. Give yourself some time to tidy up areas like the bathroom and bedroom before starting your romantic evening.


While lighting, scents, and cleanliness can create a pleasant atmosphere, it's the little details that can embellish your home and make for a truly romantic experience.

If you're having dinner together, you can afford to be a little expensive. Don't be afraid to break out the silverware and the nice dishes that you've been saving up. Set the table with a fine cloth and light a few candles if you think it'll improve the mood at dinnertime.

A fresh set of flowers (ideally, roses or carnations) in a glass vase will be both nice to look at and nice to smell when you're passing by. There's no need to do anything so dramatic as scatter rose petals to turn a room romantic!

One final touch to consider is an artfully-arranged basket of food and drink. You can select simple and tasteful foods like chocolates, cheeses, crackers, and berries. As for the drink selection, a traditional choice would be either wine or champagne, but you can also try something simple like sparkling cider.

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